About Me

Amanda Spencer wears a blue shirt and rests her head in her hands

Hey there, I’m Amanda Spencer

When I became a single mom in March of 2020, I took over the responsibility of homeschooling my children after I got home from work.

As a homeschool graduate myself, I knew the value of the library and the power of reading books about real people. My biggest goal for my young children was for them to learn American history from diverse perspectives, so I chose books about people and events that helped meet that goal. 

In 2021, my childrens’ school district made national headlines when a Board of Education meeting erupted during a discussion of teaching diverse history to our diverse community.

My friends and I talked about how ridiculous it was that teaching all aspects of American history was considered to be a “radical agenda.” 

I knew I wanted to get involved somehow, and so The Radical Agenda was born. 

My goal for The Radical Agenda is to provide parents and teachers with a resource catalog of books about accurate and inclusive American history children’s books. 

I am so excited you are here! 

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