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The 2024 Radical Agenda Planner is now available for purchase!

Stay organized while learning American history facts. Versions available for children and high school +.

Every purchase supports We Sow We Grow and RIP Medical Debt.

Welcome to The Radical Agenda


Our “radical agenda” is the belief that all aspects of American history need to be included in education. Our mission is to let every child see that there are heroes in our country’s history who looked like them and loved like they do.

Knowledge inspires empathy. Empathy creates unity.


Find inspiring stories about the contributions and experiences of Americans. 


Find age-appropriate books organized by topic.  


Buy the Radical Agenda Planner

Looking for a way to learn while staying organized? Look no further than the Radical Agenda Planner!

Featuring plenty of writing space, note pages, and all the things that make a great planner, plus a Monthly Learning Moment highlighting an important topic in American history. In addition, scattered throughout the two-page weekly layout are dates of historical significance, which will change every year. 

A portion of proceeds of the 2023 planners will be donated to It Gets Better and the Texas Civil Rights Project.

AVAILABLE NOW: July 2023 – June 2024 academic year Radical Agenda Planner


Planner review

“This detailed planner does an excellent job of calling out parts of American history that have been previously whitewashed out. It’s shocking just how recent many horrifying incidents have occurred. This planner brings those to the forefront. It connects the past with the present. It’s not a “feel good” planner. It will push you to stretch your mind, to wake up and see racial injustice, and to no longer turn a blind eye to the abuse our human brothers and sisters have endured.”

Facebook review

“The level of detail is incredible! So much research went into this creation. And the representation is outstanding.”

A Word

From TRA Founder

As a mom, I want my children to understand American history – but the curriculums I found lacked the diversity and holistic perspective I knew were important parts of the story. So we began to read books we borrowed from the library, and it opened up a whole new understanding of this country: the trials, the triumphs, and the challenging paths that so many were forced to walk. These stories are part of the tapestry of America and deserve to be included in education. 

– Amanda Spencer, she/her



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